PCU connects innovative entrepreneurs – intersectoral

PCU inspires, PCU develops, PCU connects

Acceptance Criteria

The applicant has to meet the following three admission requirements:

  • young or experienced entrepreneur
  • founder or participation in a company listed in the commercial register
  • innovation and entrepreneurial spirit

=> Acceptance into the PCU Pioneer quality network is subject to approval by the local PCU chapter delegate.

After being accepted you may upgrade in the member area for PREMIUM Pioneer and get access to all exclusive events and services.


Our brand PCU and our exclusive events with renowned entrepreneurs give you access to the necessary network to start or develop your company.

We inspire Pioneers with new innovative technologies and ideas. Our pioneers think different and challenge the status quo day by day.

On our exclusive PCU events in the historic Zunfthaus zur Saffran we bring together pioneers, leaders and brilliant entrepreneurs to meet new people, to share ideas, to exchange know-how and to have fun.


The PCU promotes the entrepreneurial spirit by helping to create an environment that motivates Pioneers to achieve their personal best. Numerous PCU initiatives enable and promote cross-industry and cross-border dialog among young and experienced entrepreneurs.

In carrying out these activities, PCU is perceived as an innovative entrepreneurial networking organization.


benefits for Pioneers:

  • Access to valuable entrepreneur only network
  • Exchange of experience, social activities and advanced training at exclusive events in Switzerland and abroad
  • Guided networking in a familiar and discreet setting
  • Nurturing and expansion of personal network with pioneers and established entrepreneurs from different industries
  • Access to technical knowledge and resources, to spur development of own enterprise and broaden personal horizon
  • Access to PCU community platform:
    • Presentation of personal contact information
    • Easy registration for PCU event
    • Receipt of messages from other Pioneers in the network
    • Access to entrepreneurs’ forum
  • PCU Newsletter with useful interviews and expertise

Registration to become a PCU Pioneer is free.

All Pioneers have to meet the PCU acceptance criteria and agree to abide by the PCU principles.

Premium Pioneers

Additional benefits for Premium Pioneers:

  • Free access to exclusive PCU Premium only events and workshops
  • Priority access for PCU events
  • Discounts with PCU Partners and at the PCU Unternehmerball
  • Premium address at events and in the PCU community platform
  • Expanded access to PCU community platform:
    • Targeted search for other PCU Pioneers
    • Transmission and receipt of messages
    • Authorization to view event registration lists
    • Contact information with profile
  • Option to publish personal profile in the PCU newsletter
  • Option to publish profile on
  • Optional mentoring by an experienced entrepreneur

Registration as a PCU Premium Pioneer entails an annual fee of only CHF 150 per Pioneer. You may upgrade to Premium status in the member area.

PCU event formats

Get Together!

“Get Together!” events are generally held at the regular meeting venue of a local Pioneers’ Club (in Zurich: Zunfthaus zur Saffran). A well-known business figure or successful young entrepreneur is invited to speak. Pioneers have a chance to get to know guest speakers personally during the happy hour following the talks. Whenever necessary, the PCU team introduces Pioneers to one another, allowing personal networks to be expanded and enabling a dialog with other young entrepreneurs.

Get Insights!

“Get Insights!” events provide a forum for Pioneers to benefit from the wealth of experience of an established businessperson. A Get Insights! event always features a company tour. The purpose of this event format is to stimulate an exchange of experience between young and established entrepreneurs. The goal is for each Pioneer to take away with them ideas and experiences that they can put to use in their own companies.

Get Specific!

“Get Specific!” events are workshop events and only for Premium Pioneers. They focus on specific issues of relevance to young entrepreneurs. Experienced specialists from a wide variety of professional disciplines lead the workshops. Some workshops require Pioneers to apply for a course space and prepare for the subject matter. These interactive events are intended to maximize Pioneers’ personal learning curves. For this reason, the number of Pioneers per event is limited. Premium Pioneers receive priority.

PCU Lunch!

“PCU Lunch” events enable Pioneers to make useful (networking) contacts. PCU Lunches are casual, relaxed events that promote a mutual exchange of experience among young entrepreneurs and engender an environment of trust. For this reason, the events are limited to 15 Pioneers. Premium Pioneers receive priority.

Get International!

Once a year a local PCU chapter organizes a weekend event in their location for Pioneers from all over Europe. Participants are presented with a diverse and interesting program, including company tours and talks by entrepreneurs. There is also opportunity aplenty for networking: common activities, lunches and dinners and subsequent evening programs are designed to facilitate Pioneers’ getting to know each other on a personal level, too.

PCU Entrepreneur’s Ball

Once a year, pioneers, famous entrepreneurs, politicians and leaders come together to foster entrepreneurship and enjoy a delightful evening at Hotel Baur au Lac, Zurich.